DEVELOPMENT CULTURE is place to learn personality-based skills and tools to help you become more effective in work and relationships. 


Lindsay Funkhouser is a certified MBTI consultant and finds the Myers Briggs Typology Instrument one of the most helpful personality-based tools available. She has also trained many individuals and teams using similar tools, such as Strengths Finder, Your Unique Design, and DISC.

The content and resources you'll find at Development Culture are a combination of years of study and application of these tools. Every individual is unique, and conversation and reflection is key to each person figuring out what works best for them.


As a fellow writer and creative, I will share tips and tricks that have helped me in both my work and relationships. I hope you find them helpful, too!

I live in beautiful Austin, TX, and when I'm not at my computer writing resources, you can find me working on fiction, eating tacos with friends, or hiking in the Texas Hill Country.

Thanks for visiting Development Culture!